Featured Activity Kit: True-to-Life Human X-rays

Introduce your students to the architecture of the human body by exploring the X-rays of a 5’ tall young adult in the activity kit “True to life Human X-rays”.

970bb8d9ec3d8c6a7eafb20ba42dee73The instruction sheet included in the kit features a brief history of the X-ray and an explanation of how it works. It also includes fun activities to explore x-rays and the human body, as well as an image of a full body skeleton that students can use to label the various parts of the skeleton.

The kit also included 18 plastic X-rays of various sections of the body, from the skull to the feet, and everything in between. You can lay out the entire skeleton on a light table or a window and use the large bone labels included in the kit to map out the various bones in the body. Both the instructional sheet and label sheet come in English and French.

The “True to life Human X-rays” is now on display on the library’s ground floor coffee table, near the reference desk. You can also view an image of the kit, and other activity kits, the OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives Database.

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