Featured Activity Kit: Conversation Cubes

What is your happiest memory?

Do you have a pet?

What was the strangest dream you’ve had?

Conversation cubes are a great way to get students and other groups talking! Perfect for breaking the ice, these colourful foam cubes can be rolled or tossed to create a fun and expressive game of get-to-know-you. Roll the cube to see what question comes up, or let students pick from any side. Try using in breakout groups or with the whole class to see where your conversation will go. Using conversation cubes make for a low pressure approach that lets students share and learn about each other. Casual conversation can create bonds in your classroom and reach those who may not feel as comfortable speaking. Once the conversation is going, try talking about how students’ answers are different or the same and why. Using conversation cubes can help to bring diverse groups together by sharing different perspectives and experiences, and also helps to improve listening and speaking skills. Conversation cubes would also be an ideal addition to language classes and conversation circles.

The Conversation Cubes Kit is now on display on the library’s ground floor coffee table, near the reference desk. You can also view an image of this kit, and other activity kits, the OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives Database.



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