Featured Activity Kit: The Kids’ Book of Chess and Chess Set

Originating in India in the 6th century AD, the game of chess has developed and taken many variants. Through this fun and interactive Kids’ Book of Chess and Chess Set, kids can learn about the history of chess and the game with easy-to-follow instructions. With the winter break fast approaching, this is the ideal game to learn and play with friends and family while staying cozy and warm inside. The kit is complete with the kids’ book of chess, a custom-designed chess board, and a full set of chess pieces that will inspire passion and challenge. Illustrated in a colourful fantasy story of the medieval battlefield with pieces reflecting accordingly to the role they play, players are led through the fundamentals of the game of chess in clear, simple text and accurate diagrams. Players of all ages and skills can enjoy this delightful rendition of the game of chess, discover the history behind the game, and develop winning strategies. Happy playing!

The activity kit is now on display at the coffee table on the ground floor of the OISE Library. Curriculum resources on the game of chess are also available in the OISE Library’s Curriculum Resources Collection. For more information on this and other activity kits, please visit the OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives Database.

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