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November is an important month for bullying awareness in Ontario. Every year, the third Sunday of the month of November marks the beginning of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. During this week, parents, administrators, teachers and students alike are encouraged to engage with and confront the reality of bullying in such a way that promotes and encourages safe and inclusive school environments. By learning more about the effect bullying has on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students, it becomes possible to foster positive learning environments. The items featured in this display aim to do just that by providing information on bullying with both student and teacher audiences in mind.

One /The picture book One by Kathryn Otoshi confronts the issue of bullying with honesty and wit. Geared towards children of a younger audience, this item follows the day in the life of a dot named Blue. Although Blue is quiet and somewhat shy, Blue is overall happy with who they are as a dot. However, this all changes when Blue begins to be bullied by Red. This story offers a transcendent perspective on bullying that condemns the behaviour of bullies and bystanders while still employing the notion that all students deserve empathy and a second chance.

Bully : an action plan for teachers and parents to combat the bullying crisis /

Affiliated with the acclaimed film “Bully” directed by Lee Hirsch, Bully: An Action Plan for Teachers and Parents to Combat the Bullying Crisis provides an extended look into the lives of the families that were featured in the documentary. Filled with advice, anecdotes and essays about bullying that are produced by experts, authors and parents, this book is a great resource for combating bullying both in and out of the classroom. By featuring personal stories of families who have been affected by bullying, this book encourages empathy and provides insight into the methods that can be used to combat bullying behaviours.

While Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know by Elizabeth Kandel still offers content concerning bullying broadly, it also features more specialized content concerning cyberbullying. Instructing parents and teachers on recognizing what she calls “flags” of bullying behaviour, this item not only helps the public to recognize when bullying is taking place, but also how to stop those behaviours from happening. By highlighting the ways that technology has impacted bullying behaviours, this book offers a relevant outlook on bullying that provides insight into peer behaviour.

Homophobic bullying : research and theoretical perspectives /Homophobic Bullying: Research and Theoretical Perspectives by Ian Rivers features content specifically concerning bullying behaviours directed against members of the Queer community. While remaining cognizant of all forms of bullying that occur both on and offline, this item highlights theories and discussions concerning the causes of homophobia within schools. By featuring both quantitative and qualitative data, this book explores the effects of homophobia on students, as well as the institutions that help to uphold such discriminatory behaviour.

No more bystanders = no more bullies : activating action in educational professionals /While most books on bullying assume the bystander to be a peer or classmate, No More Bystanders = No More Bullies: Activating Action in Educational Professionals by Shona Anderson tackles the issue of when bystanders include the teachers or administrators of a school. This book acts as a vital tool in helping teachers and administrators recognize when bullying is taking place in their classroom or on the playground. By offering practical advice on how and when to address bullying, this item will help empower supervisors to create a safe and inclusive school environment for all.

For these and more items concerning bullying, please visit the OISE Lobby Display on the ground floor of the OISE building—the OISE Library staff will be happy to grab any items for you to check out.

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