New Titles: Professional and Higher Education

Check out some of the new books that have arrived at the OISE Library–these selected titles explore topics in the field of professional and higher education.

The academic gateway: Understanding the journey to tenure, edited by Timonthy M. Sibbald and Victoria Handford

The academic gateway: Understanding the journey to tenure contains a collection of articles written by scholars who are currently pursuing tenure roles in Education Faculties across Canada. Each contributor recounts their journey towards tenure positions in academia through three types of experiences in their career: teaching, researching, and general service. The articles were selected based on the contributors’ shared value of higher education, which provides readers with personalized perspectives on the organizational, political, and pedagogical culture of universities and colleges. The book offers insights on both personal and professional struggles  that each contributor has faced from the beginning of their tenure-track career in graduate school through to their current positions as educators and scholars. From Indigenous scholarship to holistic co-teaching, the book explores a wide range of diverse topics in higher education.

Higher education as a bridge to the future: Proceedings of the 50th anniversary meeting of the International Association of University Presidents, with reflections on the future of higher education by Dr. J Michael Adams, edited by Jason A. Scorza

Higher education as a bridge to the future contains a series of papers, articles, presentations, and speeches from the 50th Anniversary meeting of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). This 2015 conference was held at Oxford University, and was attended by delegates from a wide variety of post secondary institutions–ranging from Liberal Arts colleges to research universities. As participants of the conference, contributors of the book were asked to share their insights and thoughts on the next fifty years of higher education. Educators, faculty, and administrative leaders of various higher education faculties discussed trends and key issues within the field of professional and higher learning, and provide strategic guides on how to overcome these challenges.

Conflict management and dialogue in higher education: A global perspective, by Nancy T. Watson, Karan L. Watson, Chrsitine A. Stanley

Conflict management and dialogue in higher education: A global perspective provides readers with a new outlook on mediation and conflict management, particularly in a higher education environment. The book argues that conflict itself is a natural part of social interaction, however, it is the way in which people respond to conflict that can result in either constructive resolution or disaster. Well-managed conflicts can provide opportunities for conversation and growth. While the book offers readers with insights on understanding conflict management on all levels of interaction, it focuses on examining strategies and tools within a higher education context. Some of these strategies include intervention, dispute resolution, dialogue, mediation and more. The book challenges the reader’s biases towards the negative nature of conflict, and instead provides a positive outlook and healthy resolution tactics when confronted with conflict.

Professional development: Recent advances and future directions, edited by Tanya Norton

Professional development: Recent advances and future directions features a collection of scholarly materials on various topics of teacher professional development. The book points out that new teachers who enter the professional teaching field inevitably face steep learning curves in their work environments, and are often unequipped to overcome obstacles due to the lack of experience and training. The book offers a critique on inability of education faculties to adequately prepare aspiring teachers, and challenges mainstream professional development programs that are primarily focused on pedagogy and content. Instead, the book emphasizes mentorship and community support as a key tool in helping new teachers succeed in their careers. Drawing from personal and professional experiences from its contributors, the book provides new and extensive ideas on teacher professional development.

Enhancing student learning and development in cross-border higher education, edited by Dennis C. Roberts and Susan R. Komives

Enhancing student learning and development in cross-border higher education explores the changing social and cultural landscape of higher education around the world, and examines the failure of many American higher education institutions to properly respond to such shift. Looking at examples and case studies from China, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, each chapter provides compelling insights into the different types of educational practices and pedagogical thinking across the globe. The book highlights some of the strategies which higher education institutions can employ in order to create a culturally appropriate and inclusive learning environment for its diverse student body.

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