Featured Activity Kit: The Human Skeleton Playing Cards

Looking for a creative and engaging way to teach anatomy? Then check out The Human Skeleton: Playing Cards! This kit will bring hands-on interaction, an opportunity to learn about the human skeleton, and the chance to play some cards.

The human body contains a lot of bones. The Human Skeleton: Playing Cards kit contains a full deck of 52 cards, plus two jokers that act as quick, at-a-glance indexes for the cards. Each card is in full colour and contains a close-up image of the bone’s location as well as a more general location (head, foot, etc). These cards would be an excellent visual aid for teaching students about the human skeleton through play instead of simply pointing at a diagram. Students can play card games such as Go Fish or Crazy Eights and learn about the skeleton as they go. The cards could also be used as flash cards before a quiz.

This activity kit is recommended for students in Grade 5 and up as the cards do go into significant detail.

If you would like to try out The Human Skeleton: Playing Cards, it can be found on the 3rd floor of the OISE Library in the Manipulatives area. For more science-based kits like The Human Skeleton: Playing Cards, please look through the OISE Library K-12 Manipulative Database or browse the 3rd floor of the Library.




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