Featured Activity Kit: Rhyming Words: Sort and Match

Don’t pass up the chance to help your learners advance; rhyme all the time with Rhyming Words: Sort and Match!

This fun board game challenges young learners in groups of up to four players to match rhyming sounds. Players take turns drawing cards and matching the words on their cards to rhyming words on the starter card placed in the centre of the board. Once each word has four rhyming matches, the group can begin with a new starter card. For an added challenge, consider making it a race: Players choose a word on the starter card for which they are going to find a rhyming match. They then take turns drawing cards from the pile, and the first player to have a list of four rhyming words that match their word in the centre wins!

An excellent activity for developing language skills, this game also builds vocabulary; each card features both a word and a picture, so that young learners can identify the meanings of new words. This game is an ideal activity for both independent work stations and moments of free play, and it can be built upon to become a language challenge for slightly older children: Can they turn their rhyming words into a rhyming sentence? How silly of a poem or a story can they invent with their rhyming words? If this game is a part of an activity circuit, perhaps the whole class can share their stories or sentences at the end of the lesson!

If you can’t get enough of the Sort and Match game, be sure to check out the other three games in the series: Beginning Sounds: Sort and Match, Blends and Digraphs: Sort and Match, and Vowel Sounds: Sort and Match. All three, along with Rhyming Words, are available as curriculum resource materials on the third floor of the library.

This game comes with 1 game board, 5 starter cards, and 80 word cards.

Rhyming Words: Sort and Match is currently on display on the third floor Play and Display area. For more language-based games and activities, look through the OISE K-12 Manipulative Database or browse the third floor of the library.

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