May New Titles: Reading is in the Air 

One Room: Schools and Schoolteachers in the Pioneer West by Gail L. Jenner 

Schools and classrooms looked very different from what they are now. Over a hundred years ago many children attended sparsely furnished, one room schools. Gail Jenner reminds us of this history and how education was drastically different for early settlers in America. While this book offers an American perspective, it also reflects on the early settler education found in Canada. Jenner provides a celebration and investigation of early education through archival images and engaging stories. It is an easy, enjoyable, and insightful book for teachers looking to learn more about the legacy of pioneer schools in the West. 

Global Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in Education: Raising Awareness, Fostering Equity, Advancing Justice edited by Elinor L. Brown and Guichun Zong 

Global Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in Education explores the political and cultural consequences of gender and sexuality bias that many face. This volume complies articles from many different scholars from many different countries. The book is split into three sections, and each focuses on an aspect of gender equity in the context of education, drawing from countries such as Australia, China, Gambia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Turkey, and more. Each chapter documents the progress and challenges that those striving for equity and justice face in regards to gender and sexuality in education. This book offers readers a thoughtful and well-rounded perspective of the trials and tribulations faced by those around the globe as they work towards making education more holistic and representative.  

What Does it Mean to be Present? by Rana DiOrio, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler 

What does it mean to be present? Is it just about going somewhere, being someplace and doing something? Or is it something more? Like enjoying the moment and focusing on the now instead of on what’s going to come next. It’s about taking risks, and opportunities and learning from our mistakes. Being present is about being in the moment. This playful but impactful little book reminds students and adults to take the time to live in the moment, to slow down and be present in what’s happening around them. The end of the book even offers readers three easy steps to remind themselves to be present and aware. This book is delightful for teachers wishing to remind their students to slow down and enjoy the now.  

Write Dance: Music Themes Numbers, Letter & Words by Ragnhild A. Oussoren 

Write Dance is a resource that can be used by teachers and parents alike. It is a useful resource for those looking to motivate children to develop their handwriting. The materials and activities that are offered in this book can be used to fit any situation and used in according to its suitability to the circumstances. Writing is a form of movement but many children experience difficulty with writing and can even come to a standstill. Write Dance is about hearing, feeling, and seeing your own rhythm and swing, where everything moves naturally and without hesitation. By appealing to the emotions of a child, numbers and letters can be brought to life in stimulating and enjoyable ways.  

Magic Capes, Amazing Powers: Transforming Superhero Play in the Classroom by Eric Hoffman

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Superhero play is a common part of childhood. While this is fun for children, superhero play proves to be difficult for adults to monitor, as children can learn behaviours that can be detrimental going forward. When engaging in superhero play differences can be threatening, conflicts must be “won,” dominance and aggression are appropriate ways to maintain and win power, and weapons and toys are magic keys to power, victory, and happiness. Hoffman maintains that superhero play is an important part of childhood, and that there are ways in which teachers can adults can utilize this form of play in order to introduce positive values, while also respecting the needs and concerns of the children involved. This book is a great resource for teachers who want their children to play and learn but to also be safe and respectful.


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