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In the 21st century, concerns about global environmental and climate change has led many leaders, advocates and communities to take urgent action against the looming climate crisis. Over the past few weeks, world leaders and delegates have met in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt at the United Nations 27th Conference of Parties (COP 27). The goal of these conferences is to encourage action and discussion of the world’s collective climate goals. 

Education plays an important role in facilitating programming, researching and advocating for sustainability and climate action. Environmental  and Sustainability Education (EE) aims to foster environmentally conscious students in a culturally appropriate way to build capacity for community-based decision making and environmental stewardship (Ministry of Education, 2009).

OISE Library has many resources available for folks interested in exploring climate and sustainability focused education in their research at OISE.

From the Collection

Cover of Occupy Education: Living and Learning SustainablyOccupy education: living and learning sustainability

Occupy Education, by Dr. Tina Evans, examines the critical role of education, particularly new pedagogies and education practices, and how they can effectively address the eco crisis of the 21st century. The book focuses on the critical role of sustainable education to foster social change in order to address global and local climate issues such as natural resource shortages, ecological breakdown and economic instability.

Cover of Advancing Environmental Education PracticeAdvancing Environmental Education Practice

The book Advancing Environmental Education Practice by Marianne Krasny examines the potential outcomes of environmental education beyond knowledge and attitudes to include nature connectedness, sense of place, efficacy, identity, youth assets and individual wellbeing. The book challenges knowledge-attitudes-behaviour pathways that underpin common environmental education practices.

Cover of International Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Environmental Education: a ReaderInternational Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Environmental Education: a Reader

This book International Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Environmental Education by Giuliano Reis and Jeff Scott shares critical perspectives on the conceptualization, implementation and alternative practices of environmental education for diverse groups of learning in international education settings. This book fosters conversations amongst researchers, teacher educators, schoolteachers, and community leaders in order to promote new international collaborations around current and potential forms of environmental education.

Cover of Engaging environmental education: learning, culture and agencyEngaging environmental education: learning, culture and agency

Robert Stevenson and Justin Dillon’s book Engaging environmental education addresses the critical challenges of making environmental education engaging for students and citizens. The book examines many case studies that emphasize different socio-cultural approaches to environmental learning within and outside formal education contexts.

Cover art for Teaching in a Climate CrisisListen to: Teaching in a Climate Crisis

Hosts Yana Lee & Jackson Fowlow from OISE’s Master of Teaching program, discuss how teachers can best address the climate crisis, and who’s leading the way here in Canada? The podcast has a number of insightful and inspiring discussions; however,   Episode 7: Leading Research, and Hope is an interesting conversation about climate change education, and teaching evidence-based hope in classrooms.

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