Previous presentations

These are the presentations and relevant handouts from participants at the 2017 conference who shared them with us.

Colloquium: Canadian language benchmarks and Niveaux de competence Linguistique Canadiens: 20 years of policy and practice

A primer on building the ASR system of a numerically large minority language: the case of Southern Quechua by Luis Camacho

Ambiguous language policies in higher education: Lessons from Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates by Kevin S. Carroll

Language-in-education policy and planning in Japan by Lisa M. Dorner, Carol Lickenbrock-Fujii, and Jinmyung Choi

Defeating English-only in the U.S. workplace: Evidence from neurolinguistics by Eduardo D. Faingold

Community-Based Research in LPP by Ellen Petra Kester, Eric Mijts, and Nicholas Faraclas

The Admission of English as a Court Language in International Commercial Disputes by Manfred Herbert

What about us? — Language-in-education policies and indigenous languages: applying Latin American and European experiences in Mexico by Daniel Isaac Hernández Espíndola

From Language Learning to Worldmaking: Language Policy in the Contact Zone by Khaled Islaih

The Charter of the French Language and Quebec’s English-speaking Minority by Brian Lewis, Lorraine O’Donnell, and Patrick Donovan

Portuguese as an additional language Language Policies, Language Attitudes and Learning Motivation by Cristina Neves

English without Borders Program: challenging and reinforcing native-speakerism in the internationalization of higher education in Brazil by Taisa Pinetti Passoni and Telma Nunes Gimenez

Building the Anishinaabe Language Economy in Northern Ontario by Sean Meades and Deb Pine

English Medium Instruction (EMI) as Linguistic Capital in Nepal: Promises and Realities by Pramod K. Sah and Guofang Li

Overview of Immigrant language use in nation-specific festivals in Tokyo by Junko Saruhashi

The returns to languages in the Québec labour market, 1970–2010; impact of Bill 101 by François Vaillancourt

A cost approach to language planning and policy by Bengt-Arne Wickström