May 11

Robertson Program and partners present at OAME 2017

The Robertson Program and many of our partner educators are in Kingston, Ontario for the next three days attending this year’s Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME) Conference.

Bev Caswell and Joan Moss have been collaborating with teachers from the Rainy River District School Board (RRDSB), Seven Generations Education Institute (7 Gens), Matawa Education, and the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (OISE/UofT) to prepare for seven presentations!

We are so thrilled with this opportunity to share our stories and some of the innovative lessons that have come out of the work we’ve done together. In fact, today the OAME Conference is highlighting teaching and learning with an Indigenous focus – and four of those sessions feature our educational partners!

If you’re at OAME, be sure to check out The Robertson Program at the following sessions:

Thursday, May 11

Session Name Presenting
Thinking Like Architects: Drawing, Imagining, Building and Transforming Teena Enge (RRDSB)

Hue Eldridge (RRDSB)

Joan Moss (OISE)

Creating Pathways to Quality Mathematics for First Nation Students Jason Jones (RRDSB)

Shelly Jones (7 Gens)

Bev Caswell (OISE)

Bringing Communities Together through Culturally Responsive Family Math Events Bill Beaucage (Matawa)

Marlo Sobush (Matawa)

Melinda Rody (Matawa)

Nora Atlookan (Matawa)

Bev Caswell (OISE)

Using Mathematics to Understand Treaties, Colonization and Land Claims Valerie Pheasant (Matawa)

Bev Caswell (OISE)

Friday, May 12

Use Technology to Enhance Students’ Spatial –Visual Skills and Number Sense: Stories from a Grade 1/2 Anishinaabe Classroom Jane Tom (7Gens)

Joan Moss (OISE)


Saturday, May 13

10 Engaging Pentomino Activities to Develop Number Sense and Spatial Reasoning Skills Zoe Donoahue (JICS)

Carol Stephenson (JICS)

10 Visualization Activities to use in your Mathematics Classroom Julie McQuaker (7 Gens)

Zack Hawes (OISE)

15 Creative Math Activities for K-3 Classrooms Andrea Domanski (RRDSB)

Brad Oster (RRDSB)

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