May 23

Robertson Program returns to RRDSB to learn on the land with children at Mine Centre School’s “Camp”/Outdoor Classroom

A few weeks ago, the kindergarten students at Mine Centre Public School (RRDSB) in Mine Centre, Ontario gave us a tour of their beautiful “Camp” – or outdoor classroom. The site is located in a nearby forest about a 10-minute walk from the school.

We gathered at the central meeting point in front of the fire pit and talked about what the children were observing. We listened in as the students identified the birds they could hear chirping in the trees around us. We were so impressed as we heard about the relationship the children have built with the land and all of the learning they’ve experienced.

The children then led us on tours along three different trails, demonstrating their keen observation and navigation skills. The students also pointed out specific plants and wildlife, showing us they have gained impressive knowledge of the flora and fauna – found right within their outdoor classroom!

Please watch the video above as two kindergarten students tour us around their amazing outdoor camp.

Many thanks to Principal Barbe Dennis and teachers Marge Hale, Sarah Empey, Gail Jones, and Glenda Potson for sharing their expertise in this cutting edge work!

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