Mar 28

New Junior Math Lessons in our Lesson Library

The Robertson Program is adding to its extensive library of math lessons! Most recently, we added a series of junior lessons focusing on volume and fractions/decimals that we welcome you to use in your classroom.

Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line: Students use a number line to understand the relationship between fractions and their equivalent decimal forms

Displacement in large volumes of water: Students explore displacement in large volumes of water by experimenting on a smaller scale

The volume of a bathtub: Students learn about volume by exploring how objects displace water when submerged

Dragons’ Den in the classroom: Students use data as evidence to convince a panel of judges that their project will be profitable

Perimeter Challenge: Students use square tiles to create various shapes and compare their perimeter lengths

We want to thank teacher candidates in the MA-CSE program at OISE for writing up these lessons plans so other educators can try them with their students. Thank you to Rabia Chaudhry, Jessie Baker and Tory McCracken (JICS in-house supply teacher) for taking time to share their work with us.

JICS students play Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line in Rabia Chaudhry’s placement class JICS students with the innovative project they pitched in the Dragon’s Den Challenge in Tory McCracken’s placement class JICS students create a shape to determine its perimeter in Jessie Baker’s placement class.

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