Apr 04

OISE MA students host 4th bi-annual math conference

On April 4th, second year Master of Arts in Child Study and Education (MA CSE) teacher candidates presented their final Mathematics Inquiry Projects at the Robertson Program’s 4th bi-annual math mini-conference. The Robertson Program at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study hosted teachers, principals and professors from across Toronto and York Region at a morning of math learning. Educators took part in six 20-minute interactive math workshops (see topics below). This event allowed students to authentically disseminate their work and inspire educators in the field. In addition, students received helpful feedback from practicing educators about ways to adapt to their ideas to different contexts. This iterative process of teaching and learning encouraged students and educators to connect and learn new things.

You can read the handouts for each project on our Exploring math concepts through an inquiry lens page.

We appreciate and thank everyone who attended this conference. A special thank you to all second-year MA CSE teacher candidates who worked tirelessly researching and passionately designing workshops to better the education for all children.

Financial Literacy Through Exploring Food Consumption Derek
Franco, Aya Jowhar, Natasha Kumar, Aya Zhran
  Getting to the Root of the Problem: How to Promote Mathematical Learning in Nature
Selena Basile, Levana Ho, Maria Hatzitolios, Wendy Ko
  Exploring Cultural Games: Mancala and Ethnomathematics
Jayson Pascoe-Moore, Lauren Rzepecki, Caitlin Young
Proofs in Practice: Going Beyond “Explain Your Work”
Deborah Benhamu and Taisley Isaac
  Math Anxiety in Teachers
Sinthuja Parameswaran and Monica Wang
  Math Games in the Junior Grades
Kara Brownlee, Nicole Pannese, Franca Spagnolo
Deepening Our Understanding of the Language of Math
Emma Mittermaier and Anne Rennert Sternthal
  Integrating Geometry with Art
Taylor Aitken, Yuna Lee, Allie Middlestadt, Amy Silver
  Climate Change and the Ecological Footprint
Emma Houston, Heather Lenehan, Laura Pearce
Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Math Classrooms
Jessika Hannon-Hupe and Melissa Lynn
  Storytelling and Mathematics
Isobel Blakeney, Serena Retson, Jennifer Stevens
  So You Think You Can Math: Using Dance to Teach Math in Elementary Classrooms
Megan McGuire and Stephanie Phoenix



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