Sep 20

Manidoomin (Manoomin): Wild Rice the Spirit Food (an online webinar)

Educator Jason Jones is sharing knowledge about harvesting wild rice. Highlighting the Ojibwe language and culture behind this annual tradition, Jason will take us through the process – from the picking to the winnowing of the rice. Hear how he knows when the rice is ready for harvesting, why the rice may be green, how long it takes to dry and roast, and what it looks like to loosen and fan the rice so that it de-husks. Jason will also talk about how the process of harvesting wild rice has changed over time.

Jason has generously shared his Slideshow presentation with us. Please download it for your personal reference.

PowerPoint Presentation: Manidoomin (Manoomin): Wild Rice the Spirit Fo

Jason Jones
Jason Jones is Anishinaabe from Nigigoonsiminikaaning, Ontario. He belongs to the Bizhiw (Lynx) Clan. Jason teaches Ojibwe at Fort Frances High School in Fort Frances, Ontario, and develops Indigenous curriculum for the Rainy River District School Board. Jason also works with Taking It Global. In November 2019, Jason received the “Role Model of the Year” from Indspire.

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