Early Years Math – Data Management

What Colour is Your Iris?

In this activity, early years students are introduced to graphing by observing the colour of their eye.

Using Names to Explore Graphing

Using children's names are great way to integrate literacy and math skills. This lesson explores graphing with names.

Sorting Children

By sorting children in the class, students observe the similarities and differences between their classmates.

Sorting Material

Students sort and describe different types of materials such as little animals, beads, and shapes.

Sorting Apples

Children try different types of apples while paying attention to their senses. They pick a favourite and make a graph.

Venn Diagram

Children learn how to use venn diagrams to sort different types of materials such as leaves and other math manipulatives.

Introduction to Graphing

Graphs are a clear way to display data. Children use previous sorting lessons to learn how to make a graph.

Graphs on Paper

Students practice precise graphing skills by using this graphing package to sort and classify objects.

Building a Graph Together

Students and their teacher review different components of a graph and build a graph together.

Smarties Graph

Every box of Smarties contains a different amount of each colour. Children graph what their box contains.

Circle to Bar Graph

What is easier to read - a circle graph or a bar graph? Children discover the answer with this lesson.