Early Years Math – Number Sense

Draw a Card and Build

Students take turns to drawing a number card and building a corresponding unifix tower to see whose tower is taller.

Roll & Build Bingo

Students take turns to tossing two dice and building a corresponding unifix tower to see who can complete a bingo first.

Unifix Counting Towers

In this activity, child works one-on-one with an educator to create a staircase of Unifix Towers representing 1 to 10.

Story Problems

Story problems can be used throughout the year to reinforce number sense in a fun and engaging way!

Ladybug Houses

Students develop an understanding of numbers by comparing the number of ladybugs inside vs. outside of the house.

Cuisenaire Rods

Children investigate relationships between numbers by comparing the size of cuisenaire rods.

Dominoes Parking Lot Game

Students are given the challenge of placing dominoes in their corresponding parking spot.

Number Hunt

Students practice one-to-one correspondence in this fun dice-rolling, bingo-dabbing game!

Curious George and the Rabbits

Students work together to demonstrate different ways to compose and decompose the number 10 or 20.