Jaiteg Sahota
Online Playful Math Platform Development

Jaiteg is currently pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts – major in Public Policy with a double minor in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Having previously made fun games like Minesweeper in Java, he plans to use his interest in game development to educate. The fulfilment that would be derived from seeing a few lines of his code typed on screen translating into real world education of children drew him to The Robertson Program. Currently, he is focused on helping his mother launch her dream Punjabi Audio book app and is helping her in audio editing as well as recording. He hopes that this app will promote Punjabi language fluency in the next generation and make Punjabi books easier to consume. He has also been involved in YouTube channel ‘the Panjabi Subtitlers’ where he performed quality control for English translation and subtitling of videos covering Farmers Protests in India.