Area Measurement: Forest Hill Public School

The Forest Hill team investigated how children come to understand the measurement of area with a focus on bridging the numerical-spatial divide.

Forest Hill Public School is committed to providing a learning environment that prepares students for successful living in an increasingly pluralistic and changing world. We balance our emphases on academics, athletics, arts, and the environment as well as enriched opportunities for the exercise of responsible citizenship. This broad co-curriculum gives depth and variety to student life.

Garden Patio Lesson

Grade 1/2 teachers engage children with a narrative to explore area measurement. Children use both spatial and numerical reasoning to prove whether or not two shapes occupy the same area. Students use an approach to area measurement that calls on them to prove congruence through geometrical transformations and numerical unitization.

Area Measurement Clinical Interview

Watch and learn as Forest Hill P.S. Educator Wing-Yee Hui engages a student in a clinical interview focusing on area measurement.