Building with the Mind's Eye

Primary (Age 6 – 9)

Curriculum Goal

Primary: Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures.​​
  • Describe the relative locations of objects using positional language.​


  • Students and the teacher sit on the floor in a circle.


  • Unifix cubes


  • Instruct students to close their eyes.​
  • Teacher constructs simple 3D figures using different coloured cubes and describes how to build the figure step-by-step.​
  • Ask students to visualize what the figure looks like in their mind.​
  • Teacher presents multiple unique figures, only one of which is the actual figure that was described.​
  • Have students identify which figure they pictured and why the other figures are not correct given the description.
Students playing with multilink cubes

Look Fors

  • Can children follow the instructions and select the correct figure described?​
  • Can children explain why the other figures are not correct?​
  • Do children use positional language to describe the relative location of each cube?


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