Introduction to Graphing

Early Years
Age 3-6


Kindergarten: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour ​

  • Describe, sort, classify, build, and compare two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures, and describe the location and movement of objects through investigation (#17).​


  • Students should be standing on one side of the carpet. ​
  • Students should have a good understanding of sorting by characteristics and should have done “Sorting Apples” lesson, which includes making a graph.
Colourful bar graph



  • Tell students you will be sorting them by characteristics and that their job is to find out what characteristics you are sorting by. ​
  • Choose a characteristic (e.g. hair colour) and begin to sort children in columns. If you are sorting by hair colour, you might have three different columns – brown, blond and black. ​
  • Ask children what characteristic you have sorted by. ​
  • Then ask children to sit in a circle and take off their shoes. ​
  • Put the shoes in a big pile. ​
  • Ask, Is it easy to count the shoes when they are in a big pile? Listen to their feedback. ​
  • Put the shoes in a straight line. ​
  • Ask Is it easier to count the shoes when they are in a straight line? Listen for feedback. ​
  • Have students sort their own shoes using different characteristics (e.g. colour, size). ​
  • Children will take turns putting their own shoes in the appropriate column.

Look Fors

  • Do children understand the purpose of sorting?​
  • Can students pick characteristics to sort by?​
  • Do they make any comments about the data (e.g. most people in the class have black hair)

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