Multilink Cube 3D Quick Image

Primary (Age 6 – 9)

Curriculum Goal

Primary: Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Compose and decompose various structures, and identify the two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects that these structures contain.
  • Identify congruent lengths, angles, and faces of three-dimensional objects by mentally and physically matching them, and determine if the objects are congruent.


  • This is a teacher led activity that can be conducted with a whole class or small groups.

Part of our spatial toolkit...


  • Computer and projector
  • Multilink Cube 3D Quick Image PowerPoint (Appendix A)
  • Multilink cubes (5 blue, 5 red, and 5 green per student)


  • Tell students you will be showing them an image of a structure and you want them to try and hold the image in their mind to recreate it.
  • Flash one image from the Multilink Cube 3D Quick Image PPT (Appendix A) for five seconds, then hide the image.
  • Invite students to use multilink cubes to recreate the image from memory.
    • Depending on the complexity of the shape and the needs of the students, the image can be shown again to allow students to notice additional features while they build.
  • After students are finished, show the image again. Students can compare the original structure to their own.
  • Facilitate a discussion about students’ strategies for how they approached the task. Some questions to extend student thinking:
    • Did you find it easy, medium or difficult to remember the shape? What made it that way?
    • Does the shape resemble anything?
    • How many multilink cubes in all were needed for this shape? Can you suggest a way to make it easier to count?
  • Repeat with each image.

Look Fors

  • What kind of spatial language are the students using amongst themselves and in group discussions?
  • Are students closing their eyes to visualize the object?
  • Are students gesturing in any way to maintain the object in their memory?
  • Are students counting in any way to remember the orientation of the blocks?

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This lesson supports the development of composing and decomposing 3D objects by communication with the use of positional language.

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