Patterns with Beads

Early Years
Age 3-6


Kindergarten: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour

  • Recognize, explore, describe, and compare patterns, and extend, translate, and create them, using the core of a pattern and predicting what comes next (#18).


  • Students will be in small groups on the carpet.​
  • Students should have previous experience with patterns and making patterns.


  • Beads of different shapes and colours ​
  • Personal 100s chart (Appendix A – download)


  • Explain to students that while they are sitting in groups, they will be making their own patterns with the beads.​
  • Bring to students’ attention that patterns can go in any direction (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).​
  • Give each student a hundreds chart.​
  • Have children create a pattern on the hundreds chart in any direction.​
  • After students have finished their first pattern, have them describe and explain their pattern to their group.​
  • Ask students to keep their first pattern on the chart and add to it by making a second pattern.​
  • Repeat the steps above and have children make as many patterns as they can.​
  • Take a picture of the patterns they made for documentation.​

Look Fors

  • How complex are children’s patterns? Are they based on colour, shape, size or a combination?​
  • How often do children create patterns in different directions? What happens when they intersect?

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