Patterns with Unifix Cubes

Early Years
Age 3-6


Kindergarten: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour

  • Recognize, explore, describe, and compare patterns, and extend, translate, and create them, using the core of a pattern and predicting what comes next (#18).


  • Students and teacher sitting on the carpet in a circle. 
A pattern made with unifix cubes


  • Roughly 20 Unifix cubes per student


  • Place unifix cubes in the middle of the circle. ​
  • Instruct students to gather approximately 10 cubes of two different colours. ​
  • Introduce how to identify and build patterns based on colour by providing examples (e.g. AAB).​
  • Inform students that this segment of the pattern is called the “building block”. ​
  • Demonstrate that when multiple ”building blocks” (AAB) are combined a pattern is formed through repetition (AABAABAAB).​
  • Once basic patterning concepts are grasped instruct students to create a unique “building block” of their own.​
  • Once all students have had the opportunity to construct a pattern, go around the circle and ask each student to name and describe the pattern they have created. 

Look Fors

  • Can children identify the ”building block”?​
  • How quickly and easily do children build accurate patterns?


  • This activity can be done using two, three, four, or more different coloured unifix cubes depending on the level of the children.

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