See It, Build It, Check It (3-D Version)

Curriculum Geometry and Spatial Sense 

  • Sorting and classifying 3-dimensional shapes by attributes
  • Classifying 3-dimensional shapes by geometric properties
  • Describing location using positional language
  • Relating shapes to other shapes, to designs, and to figures
  • Composing and decomposing shapes
  • Recognizing transformations


Children are briefly presented with a 3-D structure made of multilink cubes and they must then re-create the structure from memory.


  • Pre-assembled figures made of multilink cubes (see photos of cube figures below)
  • Bags of cubes (two colours) for each pair of students


  • Gather children in a semicircle with full view of teacher and provide them with multilink cubes.
  • Briefly present students with a pre-assembled cube figure and show it for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Invite students to first discuss what they saw and then to re-create the figure from memory.
  • Repeat, presenting the figure for approximately 5 seconds each time until students have created what they think is the presented figure.
  • Reveal the original figure and have students compare their figure to it, discussing strategies they used to remember the figure and build it.
  • Repeat the exercise but with increasingly more complex structures.


  • Tell students they will be making a bird nest. 
  • Ask students to collect items they want to use into the plastic container.
  • Ask students to shape it into a nest.
  • Place the container in our outdoor environment where a nest would usually be found.


  • Discuss what it was like making a nest – finding the pieces, constructing the nest, etc.
  • Discuss whether it would be easier for birds to make nests and why
  • Monitor the nests over the week and make observations: if any nests have been occupied, if any materials are missing etc.