Venn Diagram

Early Years
Age 3-6


Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour

  • Collect, organize, display, and interpret data to solve problems and to communicate information, and explore the concept of probability in everyday contexts (#19).


  • Students and teacher are in a seated circle on the carpet. 


  • 3 different coloured hula hoops to correspond with the colours of sorting materials​
  • Different coloured leaves or any other material that can be sorted by colour​


  • Introduce the lesson by laying the three hula hoops flat on the ground (not overlapping).​
  • Ask students, How many hoops do I have? What colour are they? 
  • Without actually showing students the leaves, ask students, Which leaves would be placed in the yellow, green, and red hoop? 
  • Keeping the hoops apart (not overlapping), one at a time distribute one solid-coloured leaf to each child.​
  • Have the child place the leaf in the appropriate hoop (e.g. red leaf would go into the red hoop etc.) Ask students to justify their decisions. ​
  • Then, begin to hand out leaves consisting of two colours. ​
  • Ask, Which hoop does this leaf belong in if it is both yellow and green?
  • Give students the opportunity to ponder which hoop the leaf should be placed in. ​
  • Some students may express that the leaf should be placed in between two hoops. ​
  • Ask students, How could we arrange the hoops so that the leaf could be sorted as both yellow and green?
  • Students may suggest that the hoops be overlapped. If not, hint at the idea. ​
  • Modify the three hoops so that they are now overlapping (see image above).​
  • Continue to hand out multi-coloured leaves and have children sort them. If children do not put their leaf in the correct place, leave it. ​
  • Once all the leaves are sorted, ask children, Are there any leaves in wrong place?
  • If so, discuss why a particular leaf may be placed in one section over another. ​

Look Fors

  • Do children understand the idea of sorting by different attributes?​
  • Can children explain their sorting decisions?​
  • What techniques do children use when sorting? Can they easily sort by more than one colour?​

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