Math 4 Young Children: M4YC – OISE

What is M4YC?

Motivated by research pointing to the importance of early years mathematics, the Math for Young Children Project (M4YC) began in 2011 with a focus on developing professional learning communities to strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms.

Under the direction of Dr. Joan Moss (University of Toronto) and Dr. Cathy Bruce (Trent University), M4YC was launched in partnership with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study and Dr. Bev Caswell at the Robertson Program for Inquiry-Based Teaching in Mathematics and Science) and the Ontario Ministry of Education.


  • Broaden knowledge of mathematics and geometry teaching and learning
  • Co-create and field test resources for use by other educators
  • Conduct research to document students’ learning in the area of geometry and mathematics.

Our Focus on Geometry and Spatial Reasoning

  • Increases achievement and promotes skill and interest in the STEAM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Architecture, & Mathematics
  • Spatial thinking is malleable: it can be improved in people of all ages
  • Provides an equitable entry point to school mathematics
  • Provides strong foundation for overall mathematics learning
  • Grounds mathematical understanding through body- related experiences
  • Brings aesthetic appeal through use of symmetry, beautiful gures and patterns
  • Provides motivation and opportunities for students to ourish in mathematics and inspires creativity
  • Develops ability to read and understand mathematical models, graphs and scientific diagrams.