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The Scott Research Lab is a research lab within The Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE | University of Toronto).

The lab consists a diverse team of researchers, volunteers and other contributors who are working on a wide range of research projects. Examples include:

  • Safe and Understood: Intervening with Families to Promote Healthy Child Outcomes and Prevent Abuse Recurrence for Young Child Victims of Domestic Violence Exposure
  • Trajectories of Domestic Violence Offending
  • Exploring the Role of the School in the Development and Course of Problem Behaviour in Adolescence
  • Domestic Violence at the Workplace: Investigating the Impact of Domestic Violence Perpetration on Workers and Workplaces

To find out more information about our projects, please visit our Research section.


Know When and How to Report Child Abuse | Guidelines for SCCP Students