New Grant to Explore Risk Factors Among Domestic Violence Offenders

Katreena Scott alongside a dynamic research team has been awarded a major SSHRC Insight grant for a project entitled, “Examining the importance of dynamic risk factors for predicting recidivism and promoting change among domestically violent offenders.” Among project objectives, the four-year funding award will allow the research team to examine the contribution of dynamic risk factors to the prediction of domestic violence offending and to help improve upon interventions for offenders by conducting a process and outcome evaluation of a current intervention initiative targeted for moderate to high-risk domestic violence offenders. Katreena will be working alongside a number of researchers and community partners, including Tim Kelly, Lisa Heslop, Ron Hoffman, Michael Gobeil, Katelyn Andrew, Nicole Brault, Kelli Russell, Corey Allison, Evelyn Vingilis, Myrna Dawson, and Peter Jaffe.