Participate in Research

Fathers and Kids Study

This research is about the relationships between fathers and their kids and the kind of things that may improve or upset these relationships especially when children have been involved in high-risk situations. That is, where partner violence has occurred. We are interested in how father’s relationships with their children change over time and how these relationships impact children’s development.

There is little research out there that has studied father–child relationships especially when children have been exposed to more difficult family relationships. This kind of research gives fathers a voice and gives you an opportunity to provide your perspective about you and your child’s relationship. The findings of this research may contribute to policy as well as to how father and child relationships in these situations are viewed.

We are looking for volunteers who are currently parenting a child between the ages of 4-16 years of age (if for any reason  you don’t have contact but are working towards a goal of having contact in the future you are still eligible to participate).

We are also looking for families who may be interested in participating in this study.

As a thank you for participating in our research you will be provided with a dollar amount at the end of each session. For the first session you will be provided with $120 for approximately 3 and ½ hours of your time. This session will be held at our offices at the University of Toronto near Bloor and Avenue. Each subsequent session will be $50.

To find out more, please contact