Amanda Dyson

Amanda is currently in her second-year PhD in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)/University of Toronto (UofT). Her main interest is in the field of family violence. In particular, the prevention and intervention services for victims and perpetrators of abuse and violence.

Prior to attending Oise/Uof T, Amanda completed her undergraduate degree at York University. Under the supervision of Dr. Muller at York in the attachment and trauma lab, she completed her honours thesis exploring the nature of children’s attachment patterns and their ability to form a therapeutic alliance while living in residential treatment.

Under the supervision of Dr. Katreena Scott, Amanda’s Masters thesis explored the effectiveness of a mothering program designed for abused mothers and their children. Specifically, she investigated the role of women’s diverse trauma histories and how these experiences impact their parenting and /or responsiveness to treatment. Amanda continues to work closely with this program supporting program evaluation across multiple sites in Ontario. Expanding upon this parenting research in the context of adversity, her doctoral level research is investigating how parenting impacts the father-child relationship and child outcomes in domestically violent families.

Clinically, Amanda has completed assessment services for children, youth, and young adults in the educational system. She has worked individually and in groups with parents and children who suffer from various mental health difficulties. Currently she is working with children who have developmental disabilities and their families.