Kathrina de Villa

Research Assistant

Kathrina is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Mental Health Studies at the Scarborough campus. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant in the Scott Lab as part of the Safe and Understood project. As an RA, her general duties include attending home visits and running assessments. Recently, however, she has undertaken a new role which involves helping and working with fathers in the Caring Dads groups, which is a role she enjoys very much.

When not at the Scott Lab, Kathrina also works at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health where she is working on a research study that looks at the role of dopamine receptors in alcohol use disorder. Kathrina also volunteers at YouthLink, a youth mental health agency, and serves as the President of a recognized campus club called The Mental Unity Group.

Kathrina’s hobbies include playing the piano, cheerleading, and spending quality time with her dog.