Michelle U. Ferreira, M.Ed.

Role: Project Coordinator, Safe and Understood

Michelle has a Master of Education in Developmental Psychology and Education, from OISE at the University of Toronto. She has five years of mixed method research experience in post-secondary and not-for-profit settings. Her interests include: 1) areas related to the ecological, person-centered model for children, youth and young adult development (e.g., family support, mental health and wellness, and education); 2) cultural relativism; and 3) gender roles and biases. Currently, Michelle is the Project Coordinator for the Safe and Understood project, at the Child Development Institute. She is responsible for overseeing and supporting all clinical initiatives at 8 not-for-profit agencies, and research initiatives at 5 universities, including OISE at UofT. She is also an REB Member for UofT’s Social Sciences, Humanities and Education REB.

Contact: mferreira@childdevelop.ca