Naghmeh Hosseini

My name is Naghmeh and I am a volunteer research assistant in the Safe and Understood

project at Dr. Scott’s lab. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology and Exceptional Children Education. I have been involved in this lab since September 2016 and it has been a rewarding experience for me.  I am also working in other labs at OISE such as Dr. Geva and Dr. Chen. I have diverse experience in working with vulnerable children and families who have gone through violence and trauma. During my undergraduate studies I worked in positions that involved assessment of children with disabilities and working with their families. Here I was trained and then became an examiner for Stanford Binet and Wechsler tests. I also had the opportunity to provide care and ABA therapy to children with autism. My undergraduate thesis was about autistic children and especially focused on abuses these children face both at home and in the society. Most recently I have begun volunteering at CDI (Child Development Institute) as a research assistant in data collection. Dr. Scott’s lab has been one of the most friendly and organized research labs that I have worked at throughout my academic career. It has been a great learning experience for me. I look forward to continue working here and I am would love to contribute to these projects as much as I can.