One of the ways we mobilize the knowledge collected through the Best Practice Review Casebooks is by having the program details included on the provincial and federal portal environments, accessible to professionals and policy decision makers who are looking for new and innovative ways to improve prevention outcomes for all.

  • The Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention is a key element in the Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) best practice initiative—a “treasure-trove” of programs and practices and a showcase for interventions that have been evaluated, shown to be successful, and with the potential to be adapted and replicated by health practitioners working in similar fields. The purpose of the PHAC Portal Annotation Project was to adapt the cases presented in the Best Practice Reviews to annotated entries on the portal website by applying the PHAC Evidence Quality Appraisal Protocols and summarizing the information using the PHAC Intervention Annotation Template. The Portal provides an opportunity to increase the utility of the injury prevention best practice cases and extend their reach throughout the world.
  • Until 2011, the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre operated a similar online environment, in which our Best Practice cases were summarized and uploaded onto the OIPRC portal. This information has now merged with the Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion (above).