and music–learning theory to read music better

I changed my blog title as I realized that I want my blog to reflect more than just my work related interests, so I am developing two categories: musings and music!!

This entry is mostly about theory–I am trying to get better at sight reading and while I learned piano as a kid, I seem to have forgotten most of it! I am having lessons in theory and ear training and thought I would record my learnings here. First this week I discovered that really the whole system isn’t fixed–the patterns and relationships are relative to the key, the modality and so on. That was helpful!! I also discovered that the Do Re Mi thing is a real part of musical theory and not something from the Sound of Music 🙂 (for example:

Some links I am using:
A Jazz improvization almanac. This is helpful to figure out what changes between jass and classical music (2 of many genres of music I enjoy singing).

This one is great for defintions and clearing up my terminology confusions between Britain and here. As well it is an entire program online complete with sound examples. Great stuff.

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