Thank you for your participation in Feedback Fridays @ the OISE Library

Feedback Fridays

Thank you for participating in Feedback Fridays @ the OISE Library!  We’ve hosted 4 sessions so far and have met with 30 people.  We’ve also received lots of helpful comments in the Library’s Suggestion box from people unable to attend one of our Feedback Friday sessions.  We thought you might like to hear about some of the suggestions people have had / issues that have been raised, as well as our responses. Scroll down to see more recent updates.

Issue:  Not enough electrical outlets!  This has been the #1 concern raised by people.

Our response:  We’re working to fix this problem.  The Mezzanine Level is currently under renovation.  When it reopens in March, every individual and group study room on the Mezzanine Level will be equipped with an electrical outlet  (see the OISE Renovation website for further information on renovations).  In the meantime, there are electrical outlets on the Ground Floor of the Library (on the concrete pillars near the windows), on the Second Floor of the Library (near the four large tables nearest the south elevator), on the Third Floor of the Library (at the tables nearest the green doors), and on the Concourse Level (in the Group Study Rooms, and at the table nearest the Group Study Rooms). Additionally, we are looking at the possibility of adding some power bars to the outlets on the main floor to accommodate more plugs.

Suggestion:  “There should be more chairs at the computers.  I usually leave this library to go work at another library where there are chairs at the computersâ€?.

Our response:  Done!  There are now enough chairs for all of the Library’s computer stations.

Suggestion:  Buy a new hole punch.  The one you’ve got jams when you try to punch more than a few pages at a time.

Our response:  Done!  The new heavy duty hole punch is at the Circulation Desk.  Drop by and give it a try!

Suggestion:  Add additional copies of the textbook for “Psychological Foundationsâ€? on course reserves.

Our response:  Done!  Please let us know at the Circulation Desk if there are books which are in very high demand – we’re happy to place them on course reserves.

Suggestion:   Oil the wheels on the library carts — they’re really noisy.

Our response:  Done!  Thanks for pointing this out to us – we’ve become immune to the noise!

Suggestion:  Purchase more current books on the topic of “conflict in curriculumâ€?.

Our response:  Sure!  You can also send us a list of titles you’d like to suggest.  We’ll buy them if they aren’t already in our collection, and would fit within the scope of our collection.

Issue:  “I love working on the Ground Floor of the Library.  It’s an issue for me when there’s an event on the Ground Floor of the Library.”

Our response:  Events of interest to members of the OISE community (registration for OISE programs, OISE graduation events, the Greening OISE Eco-Fair, Open Access talks, etc.) will continue to be hosted on the Ground Floor of the Library.  We’ll do our best to notify you in advance that these events are taking place by posting information about Ground Floor closures on the Library’s website under “Library Newsâ€?, our blog (, and by placing a sign on the day of the event on the Ground Floor of the Library.  You can also check the events schedule for the Ground Floor of the Library anytime online at

Also, you might enjoy studying at some of the other large study tables in the Library.  Try the 2nd floor if you’re looking for a quiet space to study, or the 3rd floor if you need to talk quietly with others.

Comment: Email reminders about overdue books are great.

Our response:  Glad to hear you like them!  If you don’t currently receive email notifications (about books which are soon due, holds which are available for pick-up, etc.), please drop by the OISE Circulation Desk.  We’ll update your email account.


January and February 2011 updates!

Comment: Several students have noticed the smell of cigarette smoke in one section of the library.
Our response: We have contacted the Joint Health & Safety Committee at OISE to look into the smoking areas and air intake locations.

Comment: A student requested more online materials and textbooks.
Our response: We are actively seeking to increase our e-book collection. You can make specific suggestions for additions to the library collections at: or by getting in touch directly with your librarians at OISE.

Comment: A student pointed out a noisy ceiling fan in a library study space.
Our Response: We have followed up with building operations managers who will look into fixing the noise. We are monitoring the noise and progress on this!

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