Featured Activity Kit: Into the Forest Food Chain Game

“Into the Forest: Nature’s Food Chain” promotes learning about North America’s temperate forest zones and the different forms of life that inhabit it through this interactive 2 – 6 player card game designed for ages 7 and up. The gameplay of this featured activity kit [CR 591.53 I61] encourages players to learn about interconnected biotic processes, like relationships in the food web as well as energy production and exchange. Each playing card represents a different type of animal or plant species and, like their real-life counterparts, they either ‘eat’ or are ‘eaten’ by the other creatures competing for survival in the forest’s web of life. In playing the game, participants will also learn about the important relationship between plants and animals as well as the dietary and predatory practices of each species found on the playing cards.

Currently displayed on the coffee table near the Circulation Desk on the Ground Floor of the Library.

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