Featured Activity Kit: The Law Game

Law Game BoardgameThe Law Game (340.078 S741L) was developed by school teacher Bob Spearman as an end-of-unit activity for secondary school students. Best played in groups, the students get to act as both lawyers and lawbreakers. The game contains elements of both criminal and tort law, the three main sections are Procedures, Cases, and Vocabulary. Players roll dice to move around the board collecting game-money for answering questions correctly, and losing money on incorrect answers. The turn based nature of the game is an opportunity to engage students in the research required to answer questions correctly. Since the game was made in the 1980’s, changes to the law will provide classes with the chance to challenge old laws. Students in a smartphone equipped classroom can research questions and help the students argue their case. The teacher presides over all cases, taking on the role of a judge.
The Law Game is now on display on the coffee table on the Ground Floor near the Circulation desk!
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