New Titles! Canadian Fiction in the Children’s Literature Collection

Among the ever-growing collections at the OISE Library are works of fiction by Canadian authors for our Children’s Literature Collection!

That One Spooky Night (JUV FIC B223o)

This graphic novel by Canadian award-winning author Dan Bar-el, and illustrated by David Huyck, will set the mood in your classroom for a spooky Halloween. The graphic novel follows three unusual stories, all happening on the same night. A young girl preparing to trick-or-treat when she stumbles across the path of a mysterious woman; two superheroes encounter their arch-enemy; and four fiendish friends learn what it is to be terrified.

The Most Magnificent Thing (JUV FIC S759M)

By Award-winning author and illustrator Ashley Spires, this children’s book about a girl and her doggy best friend is incredibly charming. The girl sets out to make the most magnificent thing, but faces some struggles along the way. The story teaches children how to deal with their feelings, and reassures children that making mistakes isn’t a bad thing, as well as encouraging children to use their imaginations to come up with their own most magnificent thing.

The Highest Number in the World (JUV FIC M147H)

Canadian Roy MacGregor has published several children’s books on hockey, and with the hockey season just around the corner, this is a great story to help you get ready! 9-year-old Gabe is the youngest player on her new team but is crushed when she’s stuck with jersey #9. Soon Gabe’s grandmother shares with her the awesome history of the number 9 in hockey, and it doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Karma (JUV FIC O85K)

This gripping novel, written in free verse by Manitoban Cathy Ostlere, follows the story of fifteen-year-old Maya as civil chaos erupts in her hometown in India. She struggles with straddling two cultures, the suicide of her mother, and the later death of her father. But in this beautifully crafted novel,  Maya learns the value of forgiveness, acceptance and love.

All books by Canadian authors include a red maple leaf on the spine to help you identify them in the Children’s Literature Collection, located on the 3rd floor of the library. The collection is open to all U of T students.

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