New Titles: Social Justice in Education

Here are some new titles at OISE Library that will be of interest to scholars and practitioners of social justice-informed approaches to education.

This selection of recent acquisitions calls attention to collaborative, community-driven strategies aimed at building resilience at all scales of practice in a changing global educational landscape and in diverse institutional contexts.

Affirmative Action Matters: Creating opportunities for students around the world, focuses specifically on affirmative action policies in higher education admissions, the sphere that has been the most controversial in many of the nations that have such policies. It brings together scholars from diverse nations to examine and discuss the historical, political and philosophical contexts of affirmative action and clarify policy developments to further the meaningful equality of educational opportunity. This volume includes both well established and emerging policies from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia, policies which developed under a variety of political systems and target a range of underrepresented groups, based on race, ethnicity, gender, class, social background, or region.

Affirmative action matters : creating opportunities for students around the world /

Badass Teachers Unite! Reflections on Education, History and Youth ActivismThis collection of essays on education and youth activism draws from Naison’s research on Bronx History and his experiences defending teachers and students from school reform policies which undermine their power and creativity. Naison’s focus is identifying teaching and organizing strategies that have worked effectively in New York, and could be implemented in impoverished communities elsewhere.Badass teachers unite! : reflections on education, history, and youth activism /

Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Emerging perspectives on institutional reform. Diversity and equity in higher education is fast becoming a major opportunity and challenge to institutions, countries and regions. The increasing centrality of diversity is fuelled in part by changing demographics, immigration, social movements, calls for remedies to historic grievances, and the relationship between identity and access to power. This book provides an opportunity to look at efforts at institutional change with respect to diversity in several countries where issues of diversity are moving beyond simply access for diverse populations to efforts at institutional transformation.

Diversity and inclusion in higher education : emerging perspectives on institutional transformation /

Politics of Anti-Racism Education: In Search of Strategies for Transformative Learning. This collection of essays explores the knowledge that constitutes anti-racism education and the ways in which knowledge constitutive of anti-racism education becomes embodied through particular pedagogues. The authors are anti-racism educators with experiences in diverse settings: the chapters cover various fields and socio-historic geographies, address contemporary educational issues, and are situated within personal-political, historical and philosophical conversations. Anti-racism education is a discursive stance and steeped in politics that shape and are shaped by everyday conversations, theories, and practices. The essays in this collection work through many of the possibilities and limitations of engaging in counter-hegemonic education for transformative learning.

Politics of anti-racism education : in search of strategies for transformative learning /

The Redesign of Urban School Systems: Case Studies in District Governance brings together twelve teaching cases on urban school governance developed specifically for training school boards and district leaders. The cases illustrate major shifts in district-wide reform, from traditional, hierarchical, compliance-driven bureaucracies to high-performing, student-centred systems. They describe real-life situations in which district leaders and school boards grapple with district wide reform efforts.

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