International Women’s Day at the OISE Library

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th and through the month, the OISE Library has curated three displays that highlight feminist scholarship and the work of female scholars at OISE. First, here is a selection of current titles at the OISE Library that engage with feminist theories and critically consider gender in relation to many axes of identity:

Suvendrini Perera and OISE Department of Social Justice Education Professor Sherene Razack’s At the limits of justice : women of colour on terror draws from the work of leading theorists on the intersecting At the limits of justice : women of colour on terror issues of indigeneity, race, and feminism to examine the political, social, and personal repercussions of the war on terror. The collected contributions in this volume range from testimony and poetry to scholarly analysis.

The trouble with marriage : feminists confront law and violence in India presents a new global feminist jurisprudence around marriage and violence that looks to law as strategy rather than solution. In this ethnography of lawyer-free family courts and mediations of rape and domestic violence charges in India, Srimati Basu depicts everyday life in legal sites of marital trouble to reevaluate feminist theories of law, marriage, violence, property, and the state.

The collected essays presented in Regenerations : Canadian women’s writing = Régénérations : écriture des femmes au Canada examine English- and French-language Regenerations : Canadian women's writingwomen’s writing in Canada across multiple disciplines.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We should all be feminists uses humour and levity to offer readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century that is rooted in inclusion and awareness.

Gender pedagogy : teaching, learning and tracing gender in higher education is an account of teaching gender learning that is rooted in Derrida’s concept of the ‘trace’, reflecting the unfixing properties of gender and even contesting academic knowledge production.

In addition to our virtual display here and home page display earlier this month, the OISE Library has curated two book displays from documents that can be found in our rich collections. The IWD Canadian Women's History displayCanadian Women’s History display on the ground floor of the OISE Library features unique primary documents that inform a feminist turn in historiography and a selection of Canadian scholarly works (many of which are written by OISE faculty) that embody this important shift in research. Also showcased are several audio cassettes from a special collection of feminist lectures that we are in process of digitizing to make available to researchers… stay tuned for more details about this exciting oral history project! And, be sure to check out the display in the ground floor lobby featuring seminal current and past titles by female scholars at OISE that reflect their impactful research contributions to a diverse range of research communities at the global scale.

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