Academic Planning / Strategic Planning in Higher Education

To mark the 2017 OISE Academic Planning Process, the OISE Library has curated a collection of items that will hopefully aid and inspire educators in academic or strategic development and planning for higher education institutions. Academic or strategic plans chart the course for institutional renewal and enable institutions to remain sustainable in the changing post-secondary environment. In striving to commit to achieving excellence in research, teaching, development, and collaboration, curriculum theories offer critical analysis of educational curricula and development, and offer various approaches to academic or strategic planning. To lead planning processes, understanding academic leadership and governance can help bring together constituencies to collaborate in this pursuit. Critical issues in higher education, such as funding, branding, and sustainability, also warrant institutional reflection on the past, present, and future. Moreover, academic and strategic planning provides an opportunity to renew institutional vision and action, to recognize the widespread and diverse opportunities for input, to integrate and expand approaches to internationalization, and to build connections to adapt to the changing environment. The selection of display items in the OISE Lobby will help to inform and spur new and innovative ways of working, thinking, and achieving academic or strategic planning goals.

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