OISE Lobby Display: Mental Health Week

Mental Health week is from May 1-7 this year. The OISE Library is marking this week with a display in the front lobby on the subject of mental health. The OISE Library strives to be an inclusive and supportive community, and in drawing attention to this week we hope to provide materials for outreach and understanding. For more information about this initiative, please visit the following link: www.mentalhealthweek.ca

There are a vast variety of materials available in the OISE Library collections on the subject of mental health and wellness. These include children’s books, monographs, curriculum resource materials and dual-language materials. The materials in the display have been chosen to appeal to readers at almost any level, and will also be helpful for teachers who themselves want to explore the topic of mental health. Outreach and support are key themes within this, and many of the resources offer helpful advice for teachers and administrators in this difficult task.

The Juvenile Fiction materials on display handle the topic of mental health in a way that provides materials for helping children and young adults to understand mental health and to reflect on the lived experiences of others. These materials are sensitive to how difficult it can be for young children to express themselves and offer solutions and examples. The curriculum resource materials provide tips and plans for talking about mental illness, as well as resources for promoting wellness in the classroom. Mental health care professionals working within schools will find the resources from the Stacks and Curriculum Resources collections helpful. There are also materials that represent a recent trend in teaching literature towards a greater awareness of mindfulness practices. The OISE Library has a good collection of such resources.

Remember, if you should see something that you are interested in borrowing, please don’t be shy! Ask one of our staff members at the Circulation Desk to borrow the materials. This display will be in the OISE lobby for the month of May.

Happy reading!

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