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Did you know more than 2,000 books and periodicals from the OISE Library have been digitized and are available through the Internet Archive? The Internet Archive, established in 1996, houses digital copies of more than 19 million books, audio recordings, videos, and images. Materials digitized from the OISE Library collections would be of particular interest to students and scholars doing research on education, both historical and contemporary. One of the most popular items in the OISE Library Internet Archive collection is The Child and the Curriculum by John Dewey, which has been viewed almost 16,000 times. Take some time to search the OISE/UT Library Collection on the Internet Archive and let us know what you uncover.

The OISE Library has been featuring items digitized on the Internet Archive on our Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with digitized gems, library services, events, and collections.


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TALInt (Toronto Academic Libraries Intern) at OISE Library | MI Student, Library and Information Sciences (2018) Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
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