International Friendship Day (July 30th)

International Friendship Day (July 30th) was proclaimed by the United Nations in 2011 with the idea to encourage groups, governments, and organizations to host activities and events that promote acceptance and understanding between peoples, countries, and cultures. The UN wanted a day to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Their intent was to celebrate a day that promotes the role that friendship plays in building solidarity, mutual understanding, and respect for diversity. For the end of this month, the OISE Library will be celebrating International Friendship Day by showcasing items that promote friendship in the OISE Lobby Book Display!

Here are a few titles to check out:

Friendships: stories written by Budge Wilson is a children’s literature that comprises a moving collection of contemporary stories about moments of understanding for adolescent readers. Wilson reveals an intimate knowledge of the adolescent world while providing insight of what makes a good friendship. Friendships guide the reader to a place of learning, understanding, and seeing friendships from a different perspective. In the introduction, Wilson writes “You may think that in some of these stories there is no friend. Think again. You could be wrong.”



You Are Friendly written by Todd Snow and illustrated by Melodee Strong is a warm affirming book that can be used by teachers and teacher candidates to teach primary school students that there are many ways to get along with others. This book provides an excellent introduction to learning about making and keeping friendships. The beautifully illustrated book is a helpful read in building children’s social skills that they can use in their everyday lives.


International Student Mobility and Transnational Friendships written by Basak Bilecen explores the contemporary meaning of friendship. The book delves into the friendship networks of international doctoral students by analyzing distance, meanings, and practices of friendship as trust and reciprocity. Chapter 2: The Contemporary Meaning of Friendship is concerned with the main debates about contemporary society with the profound impact of social media and the challenges and opportunities social media present. This is definitely an interesting read and perspective on transnational student friendships with meanings shaped and reshaped through mobility and international education!


 My Pal, Victor written by Diane Gonzales Bertrand and illustrated by Robert L. Sweetland  is a dual language book (Spanish/English) about two boys’ carefree friendship despite one boy’s disability. Gonzales takes the reader through a fun-filled eventful summer of baseball games, swimming, and sleepovers. Elementary school students may enjoy this book and learn about friendship and bonding despite differences.



For more books on friendship in celebration of International Friendship Day please stop by the OISE Lobby Book Display located on the ground floor of the OISE building. Please see the OISE Library catalogue for additional resources.

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