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With September rolling around next month, educators are preparing for an exciting school year ahead. Incorporate experiential learning into your classroom curriculum to create transformative and dynamic learning experiences. From real-life experiences to role play and demonstrations, experiential learning enables students to draw on their past experiences to acquire new knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Here are some recommended titles from the OISE Library Collection.

Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms by Eric M. Nelson

Childhood is a critical stage of human growth where play and learning take place. In Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms, author Eric Nelson writes with 35 years of experience in early childhood education (ECE) environments, and programs associated with early care and education. Introducing the role of the outdoor classroom, he applies philosophy to a practice that benefits all children. Guided theory and research, the book outlines ways to create an outdoor classroom that is fun and engaging. With tools and tips to help guide educators to plan, design, and create an outdoor learning program, he advocates that outdoor learning can introduce new learning opportunities and experiences to young children. Learn how to transform outdoor spaces into learning environments that thoughtfully incorporate outdoor activities to benefit children’s learning and development.

Understanding Work-Based Learning edited by John Mumford & Simon Roodhouse

A book for employees, employers, educators, policy makers, and researchers, Understanding Work-Based Learning explores ways of giving full-time employees the chance to take up learning opportunities of the same level and rigour as those on offer to the full-time student. Approaching from the perspectives of the university work-based learning educator and learner, the book draws on case studies to provide detailed insight. Written in three parts, the book makes a comparison between workplace training and a university education to recognize the potential of work-based learning programs.

100 Experiential Learning Activities by Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Dan W. Butin & Anthony Angelini

Written for educators, this book provides a road map and guide for creating experiential learning activities in the social studies and humanities for Grades 5-12. Moving from traditional models of teaching and learning in the social studies, literature, and the arts, the authors advocate for active learning both in and outside of the classroom to experience local and global communities. To support students’ deep and sustained learning, the book provides 100 experiential learning activities ranging across numerous disciplines – history, economics, literature, and the arts – for middle and high school classes. Featured activities focus on issues of meaning making, paradigm shifting, and self-understanding which are further explained in the book. Formatted for quick browsing and access, each activity is structured with a description and instructions, followed by the lesson plan and accompanying materials to engage students’ critical thinking and reflection.

Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning by the Ontario Ministry of Education

This Ontario Ministry of Education document, Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning, sets out policies and procedures for the implementation of cooperative education and other forms of experiential learning, including work experience, job shadowing, and virtual work experience, in Ontario’s English-language secondary schools. From Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) to other school-to-work transition programs, planned learning experiences in the community can enhance students’ school programs. The document describes these experiential learning programs in detail and provides tips to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make career decisions and to assist students who are bound for university, college, apprenticeship, or the workplace.  

The Night Worker by Kate Banks

While the city is asleep, the night workers are busy building the city. Alex watches as his Papa puts on a hard hat, ready to head to the construction site. Little did he know, Papa had a surprise for him. He brought out a hard hat for Alex and takes him along to work. As they travel to the construction site, Alex witnesses the rattles and clangs of machinery at work. From bulldozers to cranes, he marvels at the large machines. Follow Alex and his Papa at work on the construction to find out about the work night workers do. The Night Worker by Kate Banks is a story that demonstrates how real-world, experiential learning opportunities engage children.

For more titles on experiential learning in the OISE Library Collection, please visit the OISE Lobby Display on the ground floor of the OISE building. Please visit the OISE Library catalogue for additional education resources.

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