More on the action research project paper

I have been thinking more about how we might approach this IADIS paper on our beginning experiences of weblogging, and I thought it might be helpful if people started to record some of their thoughts in relation to these following questions. That would give us a common framework to use to explore our emerging notions of weblogs. I have chosen these issues as they are commonly referred to in the research and practice of blogging, so seemed a good place to begin. Accordingly, for those of you involved in this project it would be helpful if you could record your views on the following issues (in your blogs, of course :), and particularly how you thought or felt about these issues when you STARTED blogging, and then how, or if they changed at all. Feel free to suggest other areas for commentary and consideration, this is just to get us going?

1. What is the purpose of a Weblog in your mind?
2. Are Weblogs more of a public or private tool to you?
3. Do you see them as a primarily individual or collaborative activity?
4. If collaborative, what role might others play?
5. What does the idea of posting your thoughts online feel like to you?

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