Using Weblogs and Discussions in Preservice Teaching

I thought I would summarize some points from a workshop on Weblogs and Discussion Forums–why would I use these in my teaching? that Wendy Freeman and I gave to the Elementary Coordinators on February 16, 2006. The powerpoint presentation from that talk is available here: Download file

One thing to remember is that each technology can be used in more or less effective and creative ways. So the educational goals and how the technology fits into the overall scheme of your teaching is the starting point to consider.

In discussion environments, involving students in the direction of the discourse–generating questions, moderating the discussion, creating summaries etc. will help make students feel more ownership and engagement.

If you want to consider this option in your own course, contact Seeta Nyary ( talk to her about what you want and how you might design the use of a discussion environmentin your particular course.
Also see this website

In the case of weblogs, going beyond the simple use of them as online journals can involve the use of new and emerging technologies such as Technorati and Delicious that allow the tagging of ideas and concepts and connections to other people. Additionally, use of them for “close reading” of others weblogs, texts or other information provides an interesting alternative literacy opportunity that can help hone more sophisticated reading comprehension skills.

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