Educational Technology Journals–reading and publishing

Some suggested Journals and Conferences relevant to Education and Technology

In North America, the conference and journals of the American Education Research Association (AERA) give you a finger on the pulse of where educational research as a field is heading. AERA recently published a draft document about standards for reviewing journal articles which I have enclosed here: AERAReview.pdf
This document outlines what is expected in an article submitted to an AERA journal, but is typical for all educational research journals and so is useful to read.

AERA has an annual conference and a number of associated journals:
American Education Research Association

Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE) Journals and Conferences. These are all mosre specifically technology related with various foci: teacher education, hypermedia, interactive learning research etc.

Journal of Interactive Learning Research

Journal of Educational Computing Research

American Journal of Distance Education

Canadian Journals and Associations

Canadian Association for the Study of Education (CSSE)

Canadian Association for Distance Education

European and International Journals

British Journal of Educational Technology

Computers and Education

International Journal on E-Learning

Education Links and Resources

How are journals ranked? How do people judge what is a more or less prestigious journal?

One way is to look at Journal Citation reports in the Social Sciences E-Index (the process of accessing this material is outlined below). These tables give you a calculation of different factors like impact (a measure of the frequency with which the “average article” in a journal has been cited in a particular year or period, a ratio between citations and recent citable items published) and immediacy (current material), total citations (widely read) and so on of the major journals in the field. You don’t have to only publish in the high ones (particularly as it takes a lot longer and usually involves a very substantial piece of research), but it is a useful way to keep track of an increasingly large group of journals. Each journal describes the kinds of articles it publishes, so it is important to look at that information and read some of the articles to develop a sense of whether your work would be a likely fit. This has to do with content, but also type of study, methodology, scope and so on.

How to find their rankings:
First sign on to your UT “my library” account. From there, you access the “Web of Science” from the E-Indexes.

When the “Web of Science” page appears, you should see a pop-down menu at the top centre of the screen that reads “Web of Science”. Click on the menu and change it to “Journal Citation Reports”. Then click on “Go”.

On the next page, click on the radio button “JCR Social Sciences Edition”. And click on the button “View a group of journals by Subject Category”. Click on “Submit”.

A new page will appear. Click on “Education and Educational Research” from the scrolling area on the right. Then click on “Submit”.

A long list of journals will appear. Use the “Sorted by” field to sort them using different criteria. Sort the journals by Impact Factor to determine the journal’s relative importance.

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